Author: Ali Syed CPA |

There are many factors that are involved in growing your business and the same factors if ignored will cause your business to fail. Unlike in an employment scenario, if you don’t grow you will retire at the same level or at least stay at the same level for a very long time, in a business world if you don’t grow, someone else will come and take your clients much sooner than you can every imagine.

Small businesses fail for many reasons, the impact of every minute decision can be huge especially for a small business. Finance, determination and passion alone cannot determine success of any business instead, a fine blend of all these in the right way can make a small business thrive and prosper. Poor Management is one of the major reasons for failure as new businesses lack vital business and management expertise in areas like finance, procurement, marketing, production, hiring and managing of employees. The downfall begins if the business owner doesn't recognize the strengths and weaknesses it possesses. In order to closely monitor opportunities and threats, an effective arrangement should be made like engaging with experts to have reliable information. Lack of efforts to study market research and customer feedback can refrain managers / owners from taking optimal decisions. Many small businesses fail because of fundamental shortcomings in their business planning. Clarity in the description of the business, outlining of vision, goals, and successful incorporation in the short-term and long-term goals is essential for the growth of small businesses. The day to day running of the business is kept smooth through a well incorporated process of aligning strategic goals with operational goals. Smart business owners outsource the activities they do not perform well or have little time to successfully carry through. Therefore, failure to have a strong management team is one of the factors that contribute in the collapsing of these businesses. A leading cause of business failure is overexpansion which often happens when business owners confuse success with the size of business. The idea to expand at a fast pace can actually be damaging for their business. At the same time, repressing growth can deprive the business of an untapped potential market. Small businesses face a common problem of insufficient operating funds and usually don’t seek help from financial advisors to allocate limited funds in an optimum manner. However, with the right systems and people in place, owner can focus on the growth of their business. The most important thing is to have a clear distinction between core competencies and supporting tasks. Outsourcing less important tasks in order to draw focus on the core ones is always recommended by experts. It keeps the stress of less important activities out of the way which aids in achieving better results. At Ali Syed CPA we provide suitable tips and techniques to make your small-scale businesses grow at a successful pace.